Cheltenham Festival 202412 – 15 March 2024

Cheltenham Festival Horse Racing Festival Horse Racing 2024 Tickets and Packages

When it comes to the UK jumps racing, no place is bigger than Cheltenham and no meeting is bigger than the Cheltenham Festival, which takes place every March. The 2024 festival promises to be full of action and drama, with horse racing fans in the UK already looking forward to it.

If you are interested in going to the festival, then it is advisable to buy your tickets in advance. Cheltenham tickets are available to purchase now and are already selling very well. If you are unsure which area of the racecourse you would like to go to or which day of the festival you want to attend, then take a look at our guide below. For those who are looking to buy tickets for two or more days, it is vital to look for a bed and breakfast near Cheltenham racecourse straight away. See below the latest Cheltenham Festival ticket prices.

Champion Day Tickets, Day1 – Tuesday 12th March 2024

On Tuesday, March 12th, the Cheltenham Festival begins, with seven races and a thrilling card to kick things off. The first day of the festival is always popular because it is the first day and many people who head to just one day of the festival often choose this day to visit. On the course, the highlight is certainly the Champion Hurdle, but there is a lot more to do at the racecourse.

Away from the course, those attending on the first day, will get a chance to look around the Cheltenham shopping village, a place to buy all the latest fashion items as well as some great horse racing memorabilia. With many great restaurants to choose from, attending the Cheltenham Festival turns into much more than just a day at the race.

Those attending on day one will have the glitz and glamour of everything Cheltenham to look forward to. The opening day of the festival is a real treat both on and off the track, with many great events happening throughout the course of the day.

Cheltenham 2024 tickets: Champion Day
Champion Day
Tuesday 12 March 2024
from £35
  • Club Enclosure £75.00 to £100.00
  • Tattersalls Enclosure £40.00 to £65.00
  • Guinness Grandstand £85.00 to £115.00
  • Tattersalls Enclosure £40.00 to £65.00
  • Best Mate Enclosure £25.00 to £33.00
  • Cheltenham Restaurant Packages £250.00 to £770.00

Ladies Day Tickets, Day 2 – Wednesday 13th March 2024

On Wednesday, March 13th, the Cheltenham Festival moves onto day two and again, there are seven races on the track for you to enjoy. The second day of the festival is very popular with the ladies because it is Ladies Day and many women target this day as the day to visit every single year. On the course, the highlight of the day is the Champion Chase, but there is a lot of other things going on at the course aside from horse racing.

Those attending on Ladies Day will be able to take in some of the special events, including a competition to see who is the best-dressed lady in attendance. The shopping village inside the racecourse is open for those who want to pick up all the latest fashion items as well as to check out some fantastic horse racing memorabilia.

Those who decide to attend the Cheltenham Festival on Ladies Day are going to have a great time. The ladies who attend make a real effort to look their best and with many other events going off, there will always be something to do while you are at the course.

Cheltenham 2024 tickets: Ladies Day
Ladies Day
Wednesday 13 March 2024
from £35
  • Club Enclosure £75.00 to £100.00
  • Tattersalls Enclosure £40.00 to £65.00
  • Guinness Grandstand £85.00 to £115.00
  • Best Mate Enclosure £25.00 to £33.00
  • Cheltenham Restaurant Packages £250.00 to £770.00

St Patrick’s Day Tickets, Day 3 – Thursday 14th March 2024

On Thursday, March 14th, the Cheltenham Festival moves onto day three and it is the highlight of the week for many people, St Patrick’s Day. Obviously, this day is very popular with the Irish people in attendance, and with many Irish people flying over for the week or just for this day, the atmosphere at the race track is fantastic and resembles a carnival. On the course, the World Hurdle and the Ryanair Chase are the two highlights, but away from the horses, there is a lot of other things going off.

Those attending on St Patrick’s Day are in for a treat, with many different events to celebrate the day. With an Irish theme running throughout the day, expect to see the Guinness flowing and expect to hear a lot of traditional Irish music being played.

If you decide to attend Cheltenham on St Patrick’s Day, you are sure to be in for a great time. There are a lot of different events taking place around the track, all centred around the Irish theme, so make sure you visit these if you can. The party atmosphere at Cheltenham comes to life on this day and makes for a fantastic day out.

Cheltenham 2024 tickets: St Patricks Day
St Patrick’s Thursday
Thursday 14 March 2024
from £35
  • Club Enclosure £75.00 to £100.00
  • Tattersalls Enclosure £40.00 to £65.00
  • Guinness Grandstand £85.00 to £115.00
  • Best Mate Enclosure £25.00 to £33.00
  • Cheltenham Restaurant Packages £260.00 to £815.00

Gold Cup Day Tickets, Day 4 – Friday 15th March 2024

The final day of the Cheltenham Festival takes place on Friday, March 15th, and this is the Gold Cup day, the highlight of the UK jumps racing calendar. This is a hugely popular day due to the racing involved and it is the day that sells out in the quickest time, so if you are thinking about buying Cheltenham Gold Cup tickets, make sure you buy them early. On the course, the whole day revolves around the Gold Cup, a premier test for seasoned chasers to find out which horse is the best over the larger obstacles.

Alongside the great action on the course, the final day of the Cheltenham Festival is also a great day away from the course. With many events going off throughout the day and the last chance to visit the shopping village, many people find themselves arriving very early at the course to be able to fit everything in.

If the Gold Cup day is your day of choice, then you are in for a great day of entertainment, both on and off the course. Of course, all eyes will be on the Cheltenham Gold Cup but there is much more happening, just make sure you buy your tickets early as this day is the first to sell out.

Cheltenham 2024 tickets: Gold Cup Day
Cheltenham Gold Cup Day
Friday 15 March 2024
from £45
  • Club Enclosure £95.00 to £125.00
  • Tattersalls Enclosure £55.00 to £85.00
  • Guinness Grandstand £115.00 to £145.00
  • Best Mate Enclosure £40.00 to £53.00
  • Cheltenham Restaurant Packages £335.00 to £715.00

Best Ticket Packages for Cheltenham Festival 2024

There are many different enclosures to choose from when you are visiting Cheltenham, so it is important that you understand the difference and buy the right tickets. With so many Cheltenham Festival 2024 packages on sale, make sure you choose the right one for you. Each enclosure has a varying price, depending on what you receive, so make sure you check out the enclosures below and chose the right Cheltenham Festival packages for you.

The Club Enclosure – This is the most expensive enclosure on the racecourse. Here you have a great view of the racecourse, you can access the paddock area and winners enclosure and if you wish, you can use all the facilities in the Tattersalls enclosure.

The Tattersalls Enclosure – This is the second best enclosure on the racecourse and it still offers you access to the parade ring and winners enclosure, meaning you can cheer your horses back in. It has great facilities, including many bars and eating options for you to enjoy.

The Guinness Grandstand – This is placed near the final fence and it extends the Tattersalls enclosure with extra entertainment, bands, bars and viewing steps. It provides a spectacular view of the races.

The Best Mate Enclosure – It is in the middle of the racecourse and it offers spectacular views, despite being the smallest and cheapest enclosure. It has a good range of food and drink facilities, although you cannot access the parade ring or winners enclosure from this stand.

The Restaurant Packages – The most expensive packages comes with exquisite dishes, panoramic views and premier restaurants. Cheltenham boasts first-class cuisine, totepool betting, excellent table service and much more.

All enclosures either sell out or come very close to selling out, so it is important to buy your Cheltenham horse racing tickets as soon as you decide to visit the racecourse.